Engaged Pedagogy. Lasallian Pedagogy. ONLINE Pedagogy?

Engaged Pedagogy.
Lasallian Pedagogy.
ONLINE Pedagogy?

Session Slides

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Session Video

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Supplemental Resources

Community Builder Padlet
This Padlet community builder is drawn from 100 Short Quotes of John Baptist de La Salle, a resource compiled by Br. Nicholas Hutchinson. The community builder is designed to be used as an online breakout activity. It can serve simply to host the instructions and discussion material for students (or colleagues). As structured, the activity can also function as a “notecatcher” to allow participants to capture their insights while discussion is happening (using the comment function available below each quote); participants can then complete a virtual “gallery walk” by reviewing the notes posted by other groups. Capturing group work in a notecatcher like this also makes it possible for teachers to skim through notes later to find additional insights or questions to bring into subsequent class sessions, an effective way of fostering ongoing engagement and Lasallian relational pedagogy by signaling to students that their thoughts and voices are being heard and acknowledged.

Case Study Padlet
The second Padlet activity used in this session is a case study of activities, lesson plans, and unit plans related to engaged, Lasallian, and/or online pedagogies. (Most of the cases explicitly overlap at least two of the three.) The cases were chosen specifically because the methods highlighted in them could be modified and adapted to work for multiple educational levels. The Case Study activity provides an opportunity to explore and experiment with the principles of Engaged, Lasallian, and Online pedagogies discussed in the workshop, and also serves as an example of what this kind of lesson plan might look like in practice.

Case Study PDF
Prefer to engage with the cases on paper instead of on Padlet? You can access the instructions, questions for consideration, and cases in this PDF file.

Additional Resources
Looking for more guidance on HOW to incorporate online pedagogies in an engaged and Lasallian way? Check out the video for the Relationship, Presence, and Lasallian Pedagogy workshop, also offered as part of DENA’s Digital Learning Series, as well as the supplemental resources for that session.