Becoming Lasallian Educators: Musings from a Lasallian Educator in Exile

Transformative teaching is a lifelong journey, with unexpected detours along the way.

Join me on the winding path as I explore topics related to compassionate pedagogy, education for justice, and using educational technology to accomplish those goals.

Latest from the Blog

What’s This Door, Anyway?

A brief introduction to the Door of Encounter. Welcome to the Door of Encounter. In 1679, a wealthy French priest named Jean-Baptiste de La Salle opened this door in Rheims to a man named Adrian Nyel, who had come to ask De La Salle for assistance in starting  free schools for impoverished boys. In the… Read more “What’s This Door, Anyway?”

A Lasallian Educator in Exile

Hi, I’m Jaime! I am a composition scholar, an educational developer, a practitioner of transformative education both in and out of the classroom, and an accidental instructional design evangelist. As Executive Director of the De La Salle Institute for Advanced Teaching and learning, I created a teaching and learning center from the ground up, which… Read more “A Lasallian Educator in Exile”

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